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Young, full of spirit, with a progressive style and commitment.

Watch a selection of the Billabong young athletes team from across the corners of Europe: Inigo Madina (16) France, Sarah Leiceaga (16) France, Joshua Karbus (14) Ireland and Alejo Valido (14) Lanzarote putting the Billabong Wetsuits through their paces. A surf series created by Arthur Bourbon.

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Inigo Madina from France - Watch the Episode:

Meet the French talent Inigo Madina (@inigo_madina), U16 ISA world Vice champion 2022, living in southwest France with a progressive and powerful style.

Sarah Leiceaga from France - Watch the Episode:

Meet Sarah (@sarah_leiceaga), a vibrant and competitive young surfer from the Basque Country with an infectious spirit in and out of the water.

Joshua Karbus from Ireland - Watch the Episode:

Meet Josh (@josh_shaka), 3x Irish Junior champion with a beautiful style - a fearless young talent and freediver living on the west coast of Ireland.

Alejo Valido from the Canary Islands - Watch the Episode:

Meet 14-year-old Alejo Valido (@alejovalido) from Lanzarote who was raised riding massive barrels at El Quemao and surrounding reefs. He is one to watch for the future.

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Producer & Editor: @hand_studio

Additional footage: @georgekarbus, @geermanabreu